Blue Agate Slab – All You Need To Know

Posted by Admin on April, 13, 2020

Blue agate slab stone is available in a variety of colour shades and design patterns including light blue, brighter blue with stripes, etc. Agate is popular with the name of earth rainbow. Among the agate stones, blue agate is most popular and the prettiest one. The design pattern of blue agate is known to offer a peaceful and fine appearance. This hard stone is available in plenty in our country. Blue agate stones are well-suited for the various applications including tabletop, countertop, floor, staircase, wall cladding as well as for the exhibition purposes.

Blue Agate Slab - Types
Agate stones are of different types like green carnelian, black lip, natural black Botswana, blue, natural mix, E purple crystal, natural white Botswana, white gava, natural grey, natural yellow and many more. As previously said, among all the varieties, blue agate slab stones have grabbed the most followers. In fact, blue agate stones are also available in two varieties – dry and wet blue agate slabs for displaying colour marking which will show if the slab stones are glazed or gash.

Blue Agate Slab – uses in interior designing
Blue agate marble slabs are used in a range of applications including flooring, partition, bathroom, TV panel, reception countertop, pool, lamp stand, Jacuzzi, handles, tea coasters, doors, sofa sets, dance floor, bar counter, wardrobes, spa, etc. The veteran suppliers of blue agate marble slab in Kishangarh offer a variety of agate stone slabs being handcrafted using a large group of semi-precious gems. These ranges of slabs can easily be used to furnish the surfaces of wall cladding, kitchen countertops, bathtubs, etc. to offer the best interior look.

Blue Agate Slab – in interior decorations
Except for offering great stylish finishing, blue agate slabs are available in budget-friendly prices. This semi-precious stone is offered with unique formations and in exiciting colour ranges. The beauty of this stone is able to offer a royal finish at your space.

Benefits of using Blue Agate slab stones:
This attractive variety of blue agate slab stones is just the perfect choice for your home interiors. This efficiently brings a lavish flooring style with an eye-catchy finish. You can enjoy a variety of advantages by using blue agate slab stones such as –
1. Blue agate stones are environment-friendly. This is a hard variety of stones made up with hard minerals and thus offers a longer life span.
2. If you are going to purchase this variety of slab stone for the first time use, it may seem to be a bit costly but for a long run it is worth of investment.

So, next time you think of redesigning your interior space consider using blue agate marble slab stones of Kishangarh. The suppliers and manufacturers of Kishangarh cut the natural blue agate stones into both small and big sizes using some extraordinary resins which hold unique elegance and grace. This range of pure, smooth and distinctive range of complete agate stone slabs is available in quite affordable range of prices. Place your order soon!

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