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Carnelian Slabs

Carnelian Slabs

Carnelian Slabs have a lot of Applications In Daily Life. They can be used at various places in our house, offices.


Some of the applications are following

  • Unique Flooring -  implement in Flooring of these Stone can give a luxurious look to your Floor.
  • Various Types of Sinks, Sinks Platforms, Vanity Tops, Bathtubs, Claddings are made by these stones.
  • These are also used for making of Various Types of Beds, Dining Tables, Center Tables, Bar tables, and Many More.
  • These are also Used for various types of Carvings and Mosaics.

  • Black Carnelian Slabs

  • Blue Carnelian Slabs

  • Green Carnelian Slabs

  • Pink Carnelian Slabs

  • Red Carnelian Slabs